Asian-Pacific Planning Societies 2023国際会議


Main Theme: Sustainable Preservation and Promotion Planning of the Values of Historical Cities in the New Context

主 催 Vietnam Urban Planning and Development Association
開催地 ダナン建築大学(ダナン市、ベトナム)[Map]
日 程 2023年8月17日(木)~19日(土)

8月17日(木) ウェルカムレセプション

8月18日(金) オープニングセレモニー、論文発表(タイムテーブル)、プレナリーセッション、フェアウェルレセプション

8月19日(土) テクニカルツアー
       (Tour 1: Hoi An Ancient Town、Tour 2: Hue City)

Proceedings of ICAPPS2023


Best Paper Presentation Award

ICAPPSでは、若手研究者ならびに学生の優れた発表に対して、Best Presentation Awardを授与しています。本年度は以下の方が受賞されました。

Energy Transition And Its Impact Toward Land Use: Energy Sprawl Of Renewables In Taiwan  
  An-Ting Cheng, Haishang Wu    
The Impacts and Suggestion of Forest Carbon Sequestration Strategy on Land Use Conversion with Net Zero Carbon Emissions by 2050 : A Case Study of Tainan City, Taiwan    
  Li-Tzu Chang, Hsueh-Sheng Chang
Analyzing Transformations in Street Network and Park Accessibility due to the Development of Large-Scale Apartment Complexes in Seoul Urban Renewal Promotion Districts- Based on GIS and UNA Toolbox
  Jo Hae Song, Kim Chung Ho
The Effect of Transforming Historical Street on Land Use: The Case of Nguyen Hue Street in Ho Chi Minh City    
  Nguyen Thuy Hang, Tu Anh Trinh, Ducksu Seo  
Study on the Traits and Use Method of Pedestrian-friendly Roads: A Case Study on Shared Zones in Melbourne, Australia    
  Natsumi Maeda, Naoko Kuriyama    
Characteristics of a Long-Running Citizen-Led Urban Satoyama Conservation Action: A Case Study of "Seki-san's Forest," Japan    
  Hiroyuki Mak, Yoh Sasaki    
Spatial Distribution and Disparity of Exposed Households by Annual Income Class in the Flood Inundation Risk Area: Comparison among Three Metropolitan Areas around Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka in Japan    
  Natsutaka Usui, Tetsuharu Oba, Yusuke Kimura, Junichi Susaki    
Study on Community Ownership and Management of Public-Owned Assets in the UK: Focusing on Community Asset Transfer    
  Anri Makino, Aya Sakai    
Exploring location choice of dark kitchen with street view imagery    
  Donghyun Kim, Jina Park    
Exploring the Effects of Built Environment Characteristics on Traffic Collisions via Image Segmentation and Machine Learning Techniques
  Caryl Anne M. Barquilla, Jeongwoo Lee  
Beyond the Building: Unveiling the Hidden Impact of Urban Form on Energy    
  Sujin Lee, Jaemin Song    
Framework for Assessing the Influence of Urban Environmental Factors on the Discomfort of Pedestrians through Gait Behavior Pattern Analysis
  Siyeon Kim, Sungjoo Hwang, Seok Hwan Hong, Minji Choi        
Breaking the Stereotype of Social Housing as a NIMBY Facility: An Empirical Study on the Impact of Social Housing on Neighboring Property Prices    
  Bo-Yu Shen, Tzu-Yuan Chao    
Research on boundary generation and categorization methodologies for effective management of rural villages    
  Jun Jin Hwan, Lee Su Jin, Kim Chung Ho    
Assessing the Implementation of Community Driven Development through Social Capital in Migrant and Indigenous Informal Settlement in Accra, Ghana    
  Beatrice Eyram Afi Ziorklui, Norihisa Shima  
Importance of Socio-economic Diversity for Farmers' Ecosystem-based Disaster Risk Reduction: Community-based Flood Risk Mitigation in Terai, Nepal    
  Sharada Karki, Shigehiro Yokota    
Analysis of the Effect of Neighborhood Environments on Urban Flow Patterns - Based on the Characteristics of the Inflow and Outflow of Living Migration Big Data    
  Kweon Junhyeon, Lee Sugie    
A Study on Pedestrian Traffic and Staying Behavior around Urban Main Street: A Case of Social Experiment Midosuji Challenge 2022, Osaka    
  Masahito ENDO, Fumika TSUTIYA, Keisuke KANDA, Koichi KANA, Yuri TAKAGI    
Research on the impact on the revitalization of traditional markets : Focusing on the comparison of merchant organizations and public policies    
  Minju Cho, Jin Nam    
Urban Shrinkage Research: A Systematic Literature Review    
  Yuqi Zhang, Chiho Ochiai    
A Study on the Development of City Digital Twin-based Map Using Unreal Engine: Focused on the Linkage and Visualization of POI Data    
  Sihyeon Park, Young-Sang Kwon        


General Student
Welcome Party on 17 Aug. 30 USD 20 USD
International Conference on 18 Aug. 60 USD 30 USD
Technical Tour on 19 Aug.

Hoi An Ancient Town 30 USD 20 USD
Hue City 50 USD




Asian-Pacific Planning Societies 2023国際会議(ダナン)を開催するにあたり、メインテーマをはじめ、広く都市・地域計画に関連する研究論文や調査・事例報告、プロジェクト紹介等を募集します。


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Short Paper or Full Paper
Short Paper: A4 版 4 または5枚。1ページ目に「タイトル、著者名、所属、Abstract(200words程度)、Keywords(3~6つ)、E-mail(フッター部分)」を、2ページ目以降に「本文(図表を含む)、謝辞・補注(必要な場合)、参考文献等」。
Full Paper:A4 版 8ページ以上20ページ以内。1ページ目に「タイトル、著者名、所属、Abstract(200words程度)、Keywords(3~6つ)、E-mail(フッター部分)」を、2ページ目以降に「本文(図表を含む)、謝辞・補注(必要な場合)、参考文献等」。

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